Ninja Non-Stick 4L Casserole With Glass Lid - Dutch Oven

£ 49.99

Designed for simmering, braising, searing and browning – this 4-litre casserole dish is the perfect accessory for Ninja Combi Multi-cookers. A sturdy yet light aluminium base quickly conducts and retains heat – helping you reduce cooking time and keep food warm longer when serving. And with a durable ceramic coating, you can enjoy easier cleaning.

Two handles offer extra comfort and stability when moving the casserole from the hob or oven to the table. And its clear tempered glass lid makes it easy to check on food as it cooks, without lifting the lid. There’s even a handy steam vent. Casserole is oven safe up to 240° C.

Dimensions: H: 13.4 cm x W: 31 cm x D: 13.4 cm Internal dimensions: 24 cm x 21.5 cm

How to clean: The casserole dish and glass lid are dishwashwer safe and can be hand washed with warm, soapy water.

Compatible with: SFP700.