Rethink what a blender can do

Easily create everything from fresh smoothies, crushed-ice cocktails and spoon-thick smoothie bowls to savoury sauces, soups, dips, desserts and more with Ninja’s wide range of blenders.

Engineered for powerful performance, make enough to share with a multi-serve jug or choose a single-serve blender to blend directly in the cup and take your creation on-the-go.

Let us help you find the best blender for you.

Ninja Personal Blenders & Smoothie Makers

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“Alongside its multitude of features, the Ninja blender and soup maker looks the part, too. It’s stylishly designed and the touch-sensitive control panel is lovely to use.”

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Personal Blenders

Blend in the cup, enjoy on-the-go. Make super-smooth, ice-cold drinks and smoothies in seconds with Ninja’s powerful single-serve blenders and smoothie makers. Easily blend tough ingredients including whole fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and even ice, then take your delicious creation on-the-move.

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Multi-Serve Blenders

Ninja’s large-capacity blenders are perfect for feeding a crowd. Make enough to share in the multi-serve blending jug, or choose a multifunctional model to also create single-serve drinks and more with the interchangeable attachments.

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Power Blenders

More than smoothies. From light and silky to thick and spreadable, create a variety of textures tailored to your taste with Ninja Foodi Power Nutri Blenders, featuring innovative Smart Torque. Designed for thick mixtures with less liquid, easily create luxuriously thick textures with no stopping, no stirring, no shaking.

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Soup Makers

A blender for all seasons! Chop, sauté, blend and cook your way to delicious hot and cold creations with the 2-in-1 Ninja Foodi Blender & Soup Maker, featuring a built-in heating element. Perfect for making chunky and smooth soups, sauces, jams, desserts, ice-cold drinks and more.

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Auto-iQ Technology

Simply press one button and let Auto-iQ’s one-touch programs do the work for you. These unique pulse, pause and blend patterns are tailored to deliver perfect results at the touch of a button, taking all the guesswork out of blending. Selected models only.

Blender Recipes

Your Questions Answered

Ninja blenders are very easy to use, thanks to Auto-iQ Technology – these clever pre-set programs give you the results you want at the touch of a button, so you can enjoy perfect smoothies, thick dips or smooth purees with no guesswork. We also create manual blenders which simply blend ingredients when you push down on the cup, for total control.
Yes, all Ninja blenders and smoothie makers feature powerful, durable stainless steel blades which easily blend whole fruits and vegetables, tough nuts and seeds, and even ice. Perfect for making ice-cold smoothies, drinks and more.
Ninja blenders easily make nutritious smoothies, icy slushies, cocktails and mocktails, smooth milkshakes and protein shakes. Not just for drinks, you can also make savoury sauces, purees and pesto, dips and dressings, and so much more. All Ninja blenders include a recipe guide full of inspiring ideas!
Wondering if you can use a smoothie maker as a blender? You can make smoothies in any Ninja blender, with pre-set Auto-iQ programs and durable, powerful blades. Blend your drink directly into a cup and take it on-the-go, or choose a 2-in-1 model with a jug attachment to also make sauces, dips and drinks to share.