Back to School

Feed the family with healthy breakfasts, lunches packed with nutrients, after-school snacks and so much more​.

Meal prep in advance or quickly get delicious dinners on the table with Ninja’s versatile appliances.

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Packed lunches they’ll love

Brighten up their lunchbox this term and feed growing minds with healthy recipes and snacks.

Here at Ninja, we know coming up with exciting ideas for packing lunch isn’t easy, so we’ve done the legwork for you. Follow our easy to prepare back-to-school recipes to create everything from sandwiches and pasta salad to low sugar muffins and fruity treats 


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Mix it up:

Keep mealtimes interesting by switching out sandwiches for wraps, biscuits for crackers and cheese, and yogurts for fruit salad. Try cutting food into fun shapes for an extra surprise. Be sure to keep it colourful to make it look appetising.

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Let them help:

Parents and guardians might find preparing lunch in advance a tedious task with little reward, especially if their lunchbox doesn’t always come home empty. Getting your child involved in the process could not only make the chore easier for you but also make them more likely to eat their lunch.

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Keep it cool:

Often, packed lunches are kept in a locker or bag at school until it’s time to eat. Store the lunchbox in the fridge overnight and then add ice packs to help keep food fresh and sufficiently chilled.

Back to school FAQs

School holidays vary by school and area of the UK. You can find the exact term, half term and holiday dates for this academic year on your local council’s website, or contact your child’s school for confirmation 

As well as uniform and stationery shopping, consider the types of food your child will want to eat in their packed lunch and when they get home from school. Ninja’s range of kitchen appliances and recipes make it quick and easy to prepare delicious food and drink for the whole family. 

There are pros and cons to both paid school dinners and homemade packed lunches so it’s best to weigh up the options before deciding. If you plan to provide homemade lunches, you’ll find tasty inspiration in the recipe guide that’s included with every Ninja cooking appliance, and even more ideas on Cooking Circle.