Food Processors

Ninja’s versatile food processors give you more, combining multiple functions into one space-saving kitchen system. Chop, grate, slice, blend and mix your way to your family’s favourite meals, drinks and snacks in moments.

Let us help you find the best food processor for you.

Ninja Food Processors
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Image of Auto-iQ

Auto-iQ Food Processors

Simply press one button and let Auto-iQ’s automated programmes do the work for you. Unique pulse, pause and process patterns are tailored to the attachment in use, so you can make your favourite foods without the guesswork. Selected models only.

Image of Ninja Gives You More

3-in-1 Food Processor

Choose a multifunctional model to enjoy 3 appliances in 1. More than a food processor, easily chop, slice and mix your way to delicious meals and snacks, then simply switch to the single-serve cup or blending jug to create delicious sauces, purees and drinks to share or take on-the-go. BN800UK.

Image of Ninja Gives You More

3-in-1 Power Blender

Create a variety of textures tailored to your taste with the innovative Ninja Foodi Power Nutri Blender 3-in-1. Perfect for creating smoothies, sauces and drinks to share, you can also chop, mix and puree ingredients in the uniquely-designed Power Nutri Jug – create everything from pizza, bread and cookie dough to chopped vegetables and homemade salsa.

Food Processor Recipes

Food processors speed up kitchen tasks like chopping veg, slicing salad ingredients, grating cheese or mixing batters. Electric food processors usually feature a large bowl or jug, interchangeable blades, and a chute in the lid so you can add ingredients as you process.
Ninja is pleased to offer a range of food processors that suit different needs, so you can find the best one for you – whether you want a compact size for smaller portions, a 3-in-1 processor that also transforms into a blender, or a dedicated food processor with multiple programs.
Ninja food processors are designed to make preparing ingredients easy. Whether you’re grating carrots, mixing cookie dough or creating a chunky chopped salsa, Auto-iQ Technology does the hard work for you – simply choose from the pre-set programs on the control panel and a unique pulse, pause and process pattern ensures perfect results.
Blenders are usually designed to create smooth puree textures, such as smoothies, hummus and dips – whereas food processors can chop with chunky results, mix doughs, slice and grate ingredients, and more. Food processors are usually used in cooking, to prepare ingredients quickly and easily.