Ninja Health Grill Accessory Bundle

£ 24.99
£ 39.97

Upgrade your Ninja Grill or Oven with this incredible Grilling Accessory Bundle!

This set includes:

  • Ninja Stainless Steel Skewers
  • Ninja Silicone Mitts
  • Ninja Foodi Apron (Black)

Easily cook delicious homemade kebabs with this set of 5 stainless steel skewers. From BBQ-style grilled chicken, steak or spicy lamb kebabs to chargrilled halloumi and healthy vegetable skewers, simply stack these metal skewers with your favourite ingredients. Grill for an authentic chargrilled finish, or air fry using little to no oil.

Compatible with selected Ninja Health Grills & Ninja Ovens: AG301UK, AG551UK, AG651UK, SP101UK, DT200UK.

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