Caravan & Motorhome Cooking with Ninja

Why keep Ninja in the kitchen? Make your caravan or motorhome a mini home-from-home with kettles, toasters, pots and pans, air fryers, outdoor grills and other cooking essentials.

Save on gas costs and cook with electricity for quick, easy meals wherever the road takes you.


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Woodfire BBQ Grill

Powered by electricity, flavoured by real wood pellets. Easily add authentic smoky flavours to any food with this portable 7-in-1 outdoor BBQ Grill. All the flavour without the fuss of gas, charcoal, or open flames - simply pitch up, plug in and go.

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Kettle & Toaster

Perfect for breakfast and beyond. Ninja's rapid boil kettle makes 1 cup in under 50 seconds and has 6 pre-set temperatures, while the 7-in-1 toaster flips down to become a grill and panini press.

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Stackable Pans

Ninja's space-saving pan sets nest together perfectly for compact storage. ZEROSTICK is up to 20x tougher than traditional non-stick* - they're scratch resistant, metal utensil safe and suitable for all hob types.

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Air Fryer

Cook your favourite foods using little to no oil and enjoy healthier meals, in a flash. From seasoned fries and roasted vegetables to southern fried chicken and beer-battered fish, enjoy extra-crispy results every time.

Fire up your taste buds

Whether you're looking to impress the family or create a simple mid week meal from the great outdoors, our incredible range of recipes are sure to delight.
Your Caravan & Motorhome Cooking Questions, Answered

Whether you’re hiring a campervan for a holiday or are a fully-fledged caravan or motorhome club member, you don't have to compromise on cooking delicious meals when you're on the road…
There's nothing like that first cup of tea or coffee in the morning, but can you use any kettle in your caravan? The answer is yes, as long as you have a sufficient power supply - it's a great idea to check the pitch power supply with your caravan site before arrival. Ninja's Variable Temperature Kettle uses 3000W, boiling 1 cup of water in 50 seconds and keeping water warm for up to 30 minutes.

There's no need to miss out on a good homemade meal because you're touring. Most caravans and motorhomes are fitted with a fridge, so you can take ingredients for a BBQ, including sides and salads, and holiday breakfast essentials like bacon and eggs, or avacados and sourdough. Keeping an air fryer in your caravan opens up even more options, from chicken wings and baked potatoes to roast chicken and toasted sandwiches.

Caravan pitch power supplies vary based on the site you're visiting - it's best to check this in advance, and work out how much power your appliances will use. The amount of electricity you can use in your vehicle at any one time must be less than the maximum pitch power supply. Most sites have mains sockets outlets available - you will need to take a hook up lead.

1. Plan meals in advance

There's nothing worse than pitching up with no food to find the nearest shop is shut - or there isn't one! Plan at least one meal a day in advance and bring everything you need with you to avoid hanger.

2. Take it outside!

You're on holiday in the great outdoors, so why not cook and eat al fresco with a BBQ? Not keen on carrying gas or trying to source charcoal? The Ninja Woodfire Electric BBQ grills food with authentic charring and smokes with real wood pellets, all powered by electricity.

3. Organise your kitchen space

Caravan storage can be limited, so prioritise essential ingredients and gadgets. Organising and securing everything keeps your cooking area tidy and keeps everything safe while you travel.

Wondering how to maximise storage space? Check out our handy space saving guide.

*3rd party test lab coating abrasion testing 2022