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Olive Oil Chocolate Mousse with Balsamic Blood Orange

by Georgie Young
on 14th February 2018
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This luxuriously smooth and velvety dark chocolate mousse made with Filippo Berio’s rich extra virgin olive oil, drenched in a sweet balsamic blood orange syrup is sure to make anyone feel weak at the knees this Valentine’s.

Olive Oil Chocolate Mousse with Balsamic Blood Orange

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Prep Time


  1. Start by brewing your coffee using your Ninja Coffee Bar. Add 3 large scoops of your favourite coffee grounds to the filter and fill with water to the mug icon in your water reservoir. Select the mug setting and press ‘Rich’. Once brewed leave to one side.

  2. Separate your eggs. Beat together your egg yolks, coconut sugar, orange extract , and salt until smooth and pale. Set to one side.

  3. Chop your dark chocolate into small pieces – I pulsed mine in my Ninja but you can also chop by hand. This will ensure it melts at an even temperature. Add the chocolate and 1 tbsp dark coffee into a heat proof bowl and place over a pan over simmering water (making sure bowl doesn’t touch water!).

  4. Once the chocolate has fully melted slowly trickle in the olive oil, stirring constantly until smooth and glossy. Mix the egg and sugar mixture quickly into the melted chocolate.

  5. Using a stand or handheld mixer whisk your egg whites together into stiff peaks. Stir in roughly 1/3 of the egg whites into the chocolate mousse before carefully and gently folding in the rest using a large metal spoon or silicone spatula until just combined. Spoon into ramekins or bowls and refrigerate until set. (Roughly 4 hours.)

  6. It’s now time to make your balsamic blood oranges. Using a paring knife slice off the top and bottom of the oranges and carefully slice off the pith from the sides. Segment the oranges by slicing carefully inbetween the membranes and removing each segment. Be sure to collect any juice that may fall as we can add this to our syrup. Place the orange segments into a bowl and set to one side.

  7. Add your orange juice, sugar, balsamic vinegar, and black pepper to a heavy bottomed pan and dissolve over a medium heat. Do not stir but rather swirl the pan around until the sugar dissolves.

  8. Increase to a high heat and allow to boil for 2 minutes without stirring. Remove from the heat and leave to cool to room temperature. Add the orange segments and refrigerate.

  9. Remove your mousse from the fridge and spoon over your orange segments and syrup to serve.


Georgie Young

Hi! I'm Georgie, a health and wellness freelance writer, fitness fanatic, recipe developer, and founder of the blog Greens of the Stone Age. I encourage modern day men and women to take a more holistic approach to their lifestyles, ditching their old toxic eating habits for colourful, fun, and healthy treats.
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