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I started my blog Happy Skin Kitchen after suffering from hormonal acne for few years. During this period I tried numerous creams and antibiotics and after seeing no improvements I decided to take the matter into my own hands and try to clear my skin through a more holistic approach. Since then I gradually moved to a mostly wholefood plant based diet which has proven to the best choice I made for my skin and my overall health as well.

It wasn’t easy and it didn’t happen overnight as I always been a serious food lover. I decided that I would still have tasty food but with a “skin friendly” spin. I got seriously inspired by so many amazing food bloggers out there and taught myself how to cook delicious, healthy and full of goodness meals which my skin will thank me for.

For me this is not a diet or a restrictive way of eating, it has become my way of life, a way that makes me look and feel my best every day.

Elisa loves:

  • Chocolate, preferably lots of it
  • Turmeric, the beauty superfood
  • Travel, as often as possible
  • Farmer’s markets, nothing beats some muddy potatoes and super fresh kale
  • Yoga and Barre classes, the best way to relax the mind and maintain flexibility

Elisa hates:

  • Cheap, fake, low calories food
  • Rush hour in London, it never get easier
  • Winter, being Italian sunshine will always lighten my heart and warm my soul

I became a food blogger because:
of my past struggle with hormonal acne. I wanted to share my journey and my progress so that maybe other people with the same problem could feel inspired and less alone. The aim for my blog is to share all I have learnt in the past 3 years about food, nutrition, exercise and healthy lifestyle which has helped improved my skin and hopefully will help other people too.

My favourite recipe is:
Strawberry and Pistachio Raw Brownies

I love the how crunchy and super chocolately they are. The freeze dried strawberries add such a lovely fruity flavour which goes perfectly well with the richness of the raw cacao.