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I am currently a student of Biomedical Science, and I hope to pursue a career in sports nutrition after I graduate. Apart from food, my great passion in life is running — something I do competitively. But it was an injury-related break in my running career that got me into the kitchen for the first time. As a sufferer of celiac disease, I’ve always had to carefully manage my diet, and being out of action gave me the spare time to explore ways to make gluten-free sweet treats that truly deliver on flavour. I soon discovered that food can be healthy whilst looking and tasting fantastic.

Developing homemade recipes is now a huge part of my life. I like to share my sweet treats and baked items with my followers on Instagram. And I have developed quite a large audience through my health blog — on which I share many of my ideas and thoughts on food and exercise. My newfound food career has taken me to places I never thought I’d go. I have worked extensively on recipe ideas with Holland & Barrett, and I also collaborate regularly with Pro Direct. I have a major sweet tooth, so most of my recipes make use of fresh fruit. I’m perhaps best known for my smoothie bowls, which make healthy, energy-boosting breakfasts.

Beth Loves:
Peanut Butter, Running, Travelling and Elephants

Beth Dislikes:
Negativity, Vinegar and Prawn Cocktail Crisps

I became a food blogger because:
I have a passion for baking and taking arty photos of my food. I love being creative in the kitchen and designing new recipes – I was brought up making a lot of my own cakes as I’m a coeliac and they weren’t as readily available in supermarkets when I was younger.

My favourite recipe is:
Healthy Mince Pies

I love the texture of these and, although they are designed for Christmas, the flavour is insane!!