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Buckwheat and Almond Snack Bars
Posted by Vick Sirotyuk on 18th June 2018

This section of our website is for recipes and tips shared by Ninja users, so they have not been tested by us and we do not have nutritional information for recipes.

These snack bars are high in protein and so delicious with a crunch from the buckwheat and bite from almonds! Perfect packed with you for road trips or school snacks. If I want to enjoy them at home I love to drizzle them with cinnamon cashew butter just for some extra love. Enjoy!

Buckwheat and Almond Snack Bars

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  • 200g soft apricots
  • 1 orange juice and zest
  • 100g green buckwheat
  • 50g chopped dried mango
Prep Time


  1. First blend apricots with zest and juice of an orange till smooth.

  2. Add the rest of the ingredients and continue pulsing till desired texture achieved.

  3. Press it firmly in the baking mold lined with baking paper and refrigerate for at least 2 hours before slicing.


Vick Sirotyuk

My name is Victoria, my model name is Vick. I’m vegetarian and living gluten free lifestyle, I can honestly say that I’m vegan but I just don’t want to put this label on myself. With my job I do travel a lot and in some countries it s much more difficult to get a vegan meal option or vegan cappuccino:) I try to live in the balance with the world around me and most important with myself.
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